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Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm looking for a job, how do I apply for one?
To apply for a job, simply visit the homepage or click on Browse Jobs in the top menu. Browse through the available job listings, select the one that interests you, and complete the application form by providing the required information and necessary documents.
I applied for a job, how do I know the status of my application?
To check the status of your job application, you can refer to the respective job post. Some job listings may have application forms, while others provide direct communication options such as Telegram links. Additionally, you can use the messaging feature on FansJobs, which can be found under your profile at Profile > Messages. Be sure to regularly check your messages for updates.
I am an employer, how do I post a job?
As an employer, you'll need to have an Employer account registered on our site to post job listings. To post a job, go to the Job Dashboard page. From there, you can create and manage your job listings.
How much does it cost to list a job?
The cost to list a job starts at $4.99 per job post. However, you can reach out to us to explore our promotional offers and potentially get started with a FREE job listing. Feel free to message us to learn more about available discounts and offers.

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